Lost Gospels 

Poems of great loss and deep questioning, wringing beauty out of potential despair.

 “…The twang of country music, the ripeness of ‘berry, leaf, fruit,’ the fierce clarity of Simone Weil’s philosophy—Lorri Neilsen Glenn’s poetry exhorts us to ‘Wake every chance you can.’ ‘Carry light,’ she says, and we do, reading her blazing words.” – Anne Simpson

“(Lorri’s) diction is elegant, exact, and evocative. If every collection of poetry has a poem that never leaves you, that’s what makes Lost Gospels stand out: the abundance of poems that spoke to me, rattled me, so I wouldn’t forget this collection the minute I start reading another one. – Chad Pelley, Salty Ink

“Ethnographer Neilsen Glenn, standing on the shoulders of the greats, invokes a wide cast of characters: writers (Homer, Yeats), literary theorists (Irigaray), philosophers (Herakleitos, Heidegger, Pythagoras) and goddesses (Hera, Mnemosyne), along with a motley crew of musicians (Puccini, Neil Young, Billie Holliday): “We are all songs of imperfection… Beautiful.” – Crystal Hurdle, Canadian Literature.

Poems in Lost Gospels include the award-winning “You Think of Meister Eckhart” (Malahat Review Open Season Poetry Award).

Lost Gospels (print or ebook) is available here.